I Care About Pennsylvania

That’s why I entered public service as a young attorney, and it’s also why I came home after my congressional service instead of staying in Washington. I was more interested in living and working in Pennsylvania than I was in turning my reputation over to D.C. special interests.

I’ve spent the last 14 years working in a small law office for individuals and family business clients. I joined the board of directors of a small business lender, where we support job creating entrepreneurs and help people to realize their dreams.

This is where the real Pennsylvania shines through.

We Need Compassionate &
Responsible Leadership

  • The Pennamites

    You the People

  • Your Vote Matters

    We must eliminate the inefficiency

  • We Serve the People

    It’s common sense

    We Need Common Sense

    The key to success for the Keystone State is Common Sense. Sensible laws and regulations will lead us to greater economic opportunity – more jobs, lower inflation, lower taxes, and no free money without expectations. We must prevent our children from being pawns of the state in a cruel political power game. Their very futures are being toyed with by a bureaucracy that is focused on pleasing BIG education and teachers’ unions and not the students and parents it is supposed to serve.

    Why This Election Matters to Pennsylvania

    People are leaving Pennsylvania. Why? Because we have anti-growth policies and inefficient, ineffective government services. Harrisburg powerbrokers put their interests ahead of yours and behave like YOU work for THEM. We need responsive government services and economic policy that supports entrepreneurship, work, and the people of Pennsylvania.

    Melissa Hart for Governor of Pennsylvania

    Support Melissa Hart

    The heart of Pennsylvania took a direct and serious blow from the pandemic and was hurt even more by the subsequent failure of leadership by the Governor and his administration.  It's time for a new direction.